I’m so so happy that you’ve come here to purchase my official “Don’t Be Star…. Be A Galaxy!” apparel. I coined the phrase 10+ years ago and it just kinda stuck! It started out as a signature on the bottom of my email and over the years, it has grown into a “whole thing” that I never expected! So here’s “the thing”. “Don’t be a star…be a galaxy!” means, so many things! One of my favorites is it being relatable to Matthew 5:14-16. Be sure to look that up! For the sake of you getting to what you came here for, in short…. “Don’t be a star…be a Galaxy!” means, that when you shine your light you inspire others to shine. We absolutely never have to dim anybody else’s light to shine brighter. It never works. There’s so much space in the sky for so many stars to shine brightly creating what we know as a galaxy! Don’t be afraid to shine your light, attract light, and inspire light. I believe that when you wear the phrase you’ll be reminded to live the phrase. And frankly…we need a whole lot more of good light in the world today! So rock it!

Meet Patrice

Patrice Covington is an Emmy Award winner and participant in Grammy and Tony Award winning Broadway shows. She is an actor, vocalist, voice over artists, coach, speaker. She is the Founder of The Galaxy Method and Debby’s Girls Scholarship Foundation and also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. . Be sure to follow @sangtrice on all social media platforms.

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